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The Artist  -  Jeanne Lampson 
The painting "Adirondack Ruins" (above) was selected for the National Watermedia show in Old Forge this summer from August 11th to October 8th. It's a fantastic show with a new art center, so anyone with interest in Watercolors should definitely stop in!
Jeanne was  selected last fall to become a Signature Member of the Central NY Watercolor Society. She was invited to perform a Demo night at the opening of the show in Utica, with 7 other artists. The demonstration went very well with the painting finished in about 50 minutes as well as a second smaller painting further demonstrating her skills.

Jeanne has been a student and practitioner of the fine arts her whole life.  She started to become interested in watercolor in the 1980s and has collected an extensive library on the subject.  While much was self-taught, she has also attended workshops with artists such as Tony Couch, Vern Mauk, Guy Corriero, Hans Junga, Anatol Mickel , Susan Spencer and Margret M Martin.

Jeanne  is  a member of the Artists Association of Northern New York, North Country Arts Council, and the Central NY Watercolor Society. 

Artist Statement

  "I enjoy the freedom of watercolors. They have an unpredictable flow to them which lends itself to landscapes and florals. I get a lot of inspiration from nature."